Quarter 1 collection

Our collections are released quarterly.

Q1 (Quarter 1 collection is titled: Black Girl you can do this! Based on this titled book from author Brittni Kirkpatrick in which the book encourages the next generation to explore their ideas and values, to find the meaning and truth within and be true to themselves rather than fitting in with the crowd. Although titled: Black Girl you can do this: the message is universal to everyone simply that you CAN do it! 

With this in mind Q1's overall message is: We can do it!

              This collection consist of shirts that reflect that message:

Dear Black Girl, You can ! 

Mae , Mary, Michelle & Me (Black women trailblazers who were all the first within their respective fields) 

Malcolm, Marcus, Martin & Me (Idealistic men who believed in social change)

Black Matter

Healing from trauma 

   This collection is only available Jan 25- Mar 25 (Quarter One)

All t-shirts are unisex